Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monthly Horoscopes for January 2010

Happy Birthday Month! Blessed be the winter babies wrapped in mystery and born in the King of Seasons. When you blow your candles out wish for yourself! It might sound odd to wish for something you already have, but often you push yourself aside or hide yourself behind a mask. Recognize the mistakes you have made in the past and take steps to forgive yourself. There can be no healing without recognition. Have faith in yourself and in your own ideas and desires. Embrace the real you and push past the creepy thoughts you have sometimes. When it comes to your creative outlets remember that originality and authenticity take the cake. Don't worry about what other people are doing: do you!

My grandmother was an Aquarius and she was the best person ever. Deep within you resides a gentle strength and a lust for life that can bring great happiness to those around you. Don't dismiss how much laughter contributes to your daily health routine. This month you need to summon your strength and set boundaries for yourself. Consider making lists of things you would like to do each week and then check off each accomplishment as you achieve it. There is a beauty to the way you glide through life and all you need is a little structure to really shine. Also, consider whining less this month.

Most astrologers don't ever say what sign they are but I am proud to be a Pisces! We are in good company: Edward Albee, Jack Kerouac, and Drew Barrymore are all Pisces. I know sometimes it seems we barely make it breathing underwater, but with fluidity comes great capacity for survival. What doesn't bend breaks. This month bend enough to let some fresh light into your watery den, but don't bend so far that you hurt yourself. Let me break it down: be flexible and make the changes you need and don't take any abuse from anybody, including that mean voice in your head. As for that special talent of yours: show em how it is done. Show and don't tell.
Unless of course circumstances dictate that telling is showing... ;)
Oh and how do you expect to save the world if you can't even save yourself? Oh wait but you CAN save yourself!

Aries curb that jealous nature of yours! There is enough love, luck and happiness to go around! You don't need someone else to fail for you to succeed. And this month success will come if you resist the urge to do something duplicitous. You also need to take a walk everyday. Go see the film "Precious."

Take care of yourself this month Taurus. Start the year out right. Make that doctor appointment you have been putting off. Get your hair done. Wear comfortable shoes. Get enough rest. Don't let worry interfere with your happiness. Do what you can and don't sweat the rest.

You are funny and charming and sweet! This month remind yourself every day how great you are. You are good at complimenting others, give some of that sincere sweetness to yourself. Don't forget to say your prayers. Nothing is possible without Grace. Pray for homeless and abandoned animals. The good karma will boomerang right back at you. Don't slouch. Listen to happy music and put a bounce in your step.

Eat something you really really really love each week this month. Rekindle the romance if you are in a relationship. If you aren't in a relationship consider meeting a whole new group of potential partners through volunteering. Don't give your heart too easily. Remember what happened last time you were too quick to give it up?! Consider the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

Cut your nearest and dearest some slack this month. People around you need your loyalty, not your pride. Avoid "twinkies": people who look tasty and promise you everything and then give you nothing really good for you. Stay close to those who give you real time and love even if they don't always use the right words. I know you hate how your morning orange juice tastes after you brush your teeth but you have to brush your teeth in the morning. You should buy new pillowcases and a new duvet cover for the new year if your budget allows. People respect and admire your work ethic. Be sweet to those with nervous conditions.

Don't be so snobby! You aren't perfect and yet you still love yourself, don't you? Show the same compassion for others. You are never going to find "the perfect person." No person is perfect! Find someone who loves you and whose faults you can live with. Remember that your poop stinks as much as anyone else's and sometimes even more. Read a book or two or four this month. Spend time with someone who tickles your ribs. Belly laughs burn calories. Drink green tea.

Give your diabolical schemes a rest, for your own good. You can't have your own life until you stop trying to monitor someone else's. If you are in a relationship don't risk ruining it while running after a fantasy. You deserve to be happy this year. Clean out your mental closet of all the ideas and negative thoughts that don't fit you anymore. No one likes a hater. You will never be happy until you stop clenching at the past. Your future can be bright. Just keep your head up. There is enough hate out there in the world, do everyone a favor and unleash the LOVE, COMPASSION and RESPECT you have had since childhood. Think before you speak. Eat more berries.

Remember this month that a little discipline never hurt anyone. Do some sit ups. Clean out your closet and donate clothes to charity. Reduce clutter. Do an internet search of the songs that were popular the year you were in 8th grade. Get in touch with your roots. Don't gossip. Follow the Golden Rule. If you don't know what that is look it up. Try drinking herbal tea at night for relaxation. Whatever your body type is, wear something sexy and rock it!

Don't forget that new friends are silver and old friends are gold. You need to work hard this month to achieve your goals. Remember that practice makes perfect, well, at least as close to perfect as is possible. Try not to be superficial. Update your look. Consider wearing cashmere for a change. Pamper yourself. Make a list of New Year's resolutions and stick to it. Consider buying a deck of tarot cards or watching an obscure film from the UK. Research the films of Roman Polanski and also watch some movies about the lives of artists or musicians.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monthly Horoscopes

Coming in 2010!
Happy Holidays!