Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Monthly Horoscopes

Photo from the film Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland.

Confusion? Give it up to the sky... just throw it in the air like silver confetti and see where it lands. This month you will learn that you can't control everything and you'll be happy to know that the stars will arrange things better for you than you could have possibly arranged for yourself even if you could have control over everything.

What is worth fighting for? Are you scared to fight for something you believe in? This month you need to prioritize. Forget the rest - focus that rocket of yours only on the ripe and fertile core. You know what you know. Don't let popular opinion sway you.

"The answer my friend is blowin in the wind..." - Bob Dylan. Don't lament. Let go. Change into your famed swan form and do.

Be cool as the keys on a piano sitting in a marble foyer in Austria. Be a player and don't get played. Unless you want those hands on you... Your echo like a siren song will lure those sailors - but be weary because sailors rarely stay when the dance ends.

You feel sometimes like clothes on a line - hung out to dry. But isn't there something lovely and vulnerable and secret about someone's faded pink cotton camisole waving in the sun? Ignore those curious glances cast your way this month- just be.

Rain on a window pane. Paint on a canvas drop cloth. Blood? They'll shoot their daggers but they can't reach your heart. Don't bother shooting back. Shooting back would involve acknowledging them and that is what they are aiming for. Just move on.

They say most people have too little vitamin D. They say we should get 20 minutes of sun 3 times a week. BUT more sun than that is bad for us. It is a fine line... Sun can hurt is in large doses but without any we could get sick. Other people can be like this. You need to be around other people and socialize in moderation. You actually need to socialize less than you think. Many people are so overstimulated and dependent on constantly communicating with others that they can't even hear their inner voice anymore.

Fall is alluring but you need to savor this last bit of summer. Happy birthday darling.

Sometimes it is good to roll up your silk sleeves and sweat and toil. Toiling may not be glamorous but the spoils of your toils will be fabulous!

Brocade and orange peels... cotton balls and moss... textures.. how many textures do we take for granted in nature? And what about the textures in and of the ones we love? The loved ones you see everyday you might take for granted. Feel them.

You will take your own little magical mystery tour of the mind. In many ways you love this last bit of summer. The heat and the promise of fall suit you well. So well that someone might just fall for you.

"Video killed the radio stars.." and faceb@@k killed mysp@ce and twitter killed faceb@@k... sometimes you get wrapped up in the latest fad but really you can see it is all bullshit. Don't be afraid to delete your profiles and put the mystery back into your life.