Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Monthly Horoscopes

No one likes a frenemy or an aquatancemy. Avoid both of these types like the plague - and certainly don't be one!!! Cattiness, like envy, is quite unbecoming and it does nothing for your figure. Watch a movie with your sweetie. Sit in the back row and sneak a feel or two. Or three. <3

See how much fun you can have living in the moment and not worrying about bs? Do I smell a party?

You know those plastic horses suspended by cables that kids can bounce on? Those penny rides are fun but you don't really go anywhere. Take a ride that gets you somewhere this month. And make sure your jeans aren't too tight.

You are a velvet rabbit under your bristly defensive bitchiness. Get ready to cuddle up.

Have sympathy and respect for someone close. It is easy to be kind to strangers. The test is being kind to those closest.

Get crunk.

Adapt yourself to the change at hand. What doesn't bend gets pulled out by the roots. Rock!

Things will improve soon - you are the cool cat with nine lives remember?

Stumble into some magic. Avoid imaginary webs.

Take the time to smell a bunch of essential oils and pick one to be your signature scent for the rest of winter.

Remember when it used to be fun? Make it so again.