Friday, November 11, 2011

Special Edition Eleven Eleven Eleven (November-December Horoscopes)

Go ahead and do that in the bedroom. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You don't have to let precedent dictate foreplay.

As your walls get torn down remember that you don't need to fear. They aren't tearing your walls down to build a strip mall. A garden will be planted where your walls once stood. It is for your own good! You will see that soon enough and then you will lend a hand in the destruction of the walls you built to protect yourself. At the same time you will tear down the walls of one close.

Let yourself experience pleasure you silly masochist!

Give them a break. Cut them some slack. In the near future you will need them to do this for you.

Be happy that they want to spend time with you. You will see that everything is a perfect fit.

You can always leave.

Get your hair done and get some new luggage pimp.

Like the dynamic hermit crab you are changing shells. At first it might feel strange, but soon it will feel like home.

Bust out the flannel pajamas because you need to warm that icy ass of yours honey.

Free at last!

What do you think you are doing? What are you doing? Do these two match?