Sunday, October 31, 2010

TREATS & TRICKS i did not take these pictures (but i wish i did)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day of the Dead Soundtrack

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heart Shaped Rock

In spite of it all that heart shaped rock still belongs to you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Letter to a Nowhere Boy

At the end of last month I found myself under the spell of the Bard... and now as October comes to a close I found myself in love with another Brit... John Lennon. I always liked John Lennon and found the songs he wrote resonated with me. I love most Beatles songs. I love "The Ballad of John and Yoko" and "So this is Christmas" and "Imagine." Mpre than ever his vision of peace is important. As an eighties baby John Lennon had already become a legend and been killed tragically by the time I was born. I thought of him as an icon. Until this weekend. This weekend I realized the obvious: John Lennon was just a boy. A funny, sad, fucked up boy - at times going nowhere... a boy from a broken home, lower middle class just like the boys I went to school with, just like me... and smart enough to treasure love more than hate.
Just a boy singing straw into gold....

This weekend I saw a film called NOWHERE BOY.

I'm excited about seeing more from this director Sam Taylor-Wood and more of these actors Thomas Sangster and Aaron Johnson. I also want to read the memoir by his half sister Julia Baird that this film is based on. This movie was fucking spectacular.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Monthly Horoscopes Boos

photos by the great clarence laughlin

Well well look at you coming into your own! You know fall is the time to fly or fall in love. With yourself or with another person get into a groove that comes naturally. Stop striving and just be. Don't worry if you things aren't how you planned. Consider dancing alone in a room to some old school house music.

I'd worry about you my darling if I didn't know that no matter how far you fling yourself you always boomerang back to the proper person or place. Just don't take too long because in this ever shifting world you never know what can happen.

Like the clones in the movie NEVER LET ME GO take each day like you might "complete" at any time. Time is a wastin. Don't take anyone or anything for granted. Accept who you are and others will.

Your inner demons find some peace this month and it is about time. Give yourself a break. Love your body. Take care of yourself, masturbate and take time to celebrate yourself. Remember that there is enough awesome in the world for you to be awesome and others to be awesome as well.

Shadows and fog and carnival music - you love the mystery of this month. Open your eyes and not your legs when you meet a charismatic stranger. Listen to some old school gospel music and sing to stray cats.

Take the next step toward that goal. You are closer than you think. Have the balls to risk it all if it is really that important.

Give back to that person who always lends you a hand. Even something small will thrill them coming from you. Silver eyeshadow suits you at the end of the month.

Freedom from constraints grows near. Don't fear freedom even though it might feel strange at first.

Sometimes you hate yourself and then you do something cruel to make yourself feel better but it only makes it worse. You think you are punishing them but you are punishing yourself. Go soft, be gentle - you deserve a soft place to fall.

Don't forget who you are - a good person but no better than any other. I kid you not. None of us is better than anyother. That being said you have a special beauty of your own that you can share. You were born for a reason - for a good reason. We are all glad you were born - take heart. Celebrate this month and shine.

Are you afraid of getting hurt again? Do you find yourself reliving an exchange with a beautiful someone you just met? Do you find yourself wanting to have sex with this person again and again. You could be perfect for eachother. Don't worry what others think.

Never lose that instinct of yours to give money to street musicians. Is it time for you to try to love again?