Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Letter to a Nowhere Boy

At the end of last month I found myself under the spell of the Bard... and now as October comes to a close I found myself in love with another Brit... John Lennon. I always liked John Lennon and found the songs he wrote resonated with me. I love most Beatles songs. I love "The Ballad of John and Yoko" and "So this is Christmas" and "Imagine." Mpre than ever his vision of peace is important. As an eighties baby John Lennon had already become a legend and been killed tragically by the time I was born. I thought of him as an icon. Until this weekend. This weekend I realized the obvious: John Lennon was just a boy. A funny, sad, fucked up boy - at times going nowhere... a boy from a broken home, lower middle class just like the boys I went to school with, just like me... and smart enough to treasure love more than hate.
Just a boy singing straw into gold....

This weekend I saw a film called NOWHERE BOY.

I'm excited about seeing more from this director Sam Taylor-Wood and more of these actors Thomas Sangster and Aaron Johnson. I also want to read the memoir by his half sister Julia Baird that this film is based on. This movie was fucking spectacular.