Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Monthly Horoscopes

Stay my funny valentine... stay in touch with your sense of humor and you can win anyone over this month. Remember Rosa Parks? Stand your ground and don't let anyone disrespect you.. at the same time don't dis others and respect even those who may freak you out a little.

You don't know everything but you do know what makes you happy. Follow that state of glee and it will lead you to the place you long for this month. Don't over analyze or pre-judge. Think for yourself. Look deeper into so-called mentors. Just because someone speaks with authority doesn't mean they have the wisdom to back it up.

May has always been a month that is good to you. The gentle weather suits you and allows you spring babies to blossom. Bloom!

This month you will do a series of unearthings. You will unearth an old friendship. You will unearth an old hope. You will unearth a new fear. You will have to choose between hope and fear.

You are in your element this month. You feel in touch with words and music this month. Sing in the shower! Sing to your pet! Sing to the stars! They are indeed ready for your voice.

Don't destroy your dreams because you are afraid they won't survive. Capture some good vibes in a jelly jar and keep thm under your bed.

Get ready to count your blessings this month. Pick a flower and pull off the petals, "she loves me, she loves me not." Don't waste time on anyone who isn't THAT into you.

Say a prayer for the white herons stained with oil... Be thankful for the one by your side! This month will be one of the best of your ENTIRE LIFE.

The fire inside you burns bright! Share some of that warm light. May might be the month you make the change.

You are finally letting go and moving on for real. How dear does it feel? Frightening? Good? Both? Excellent. Rock on.
Get out there and move that hot bod of yours! Look at the root of your insecurities and pull them out one by one!

May isn't your favorite month but it is a good time for you. You feel that pent up weirdness? Use it to make something cool.