Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

Redo - rewind - you can't do that in life but you can make damn sure to do it right this time!

You are the sunshine in someone's life and that is great but you need to learn how to shine on even when no one is there to see you!

Wake up and smell the fuckin coffee!!! You only live once fishy boos!

The tide flows one way and the people who doubt you pull another way... you need to follow the tide this week.

How beautiful you are! Remember those nights under the oyster moon? You are still that pearl.

Fly like an eagle twins... and while you are up there open your eyes. What do you see? The bullshit you thought mattered so much doesn't really look so big now does it? Those people whose opinions you valued are nothing more than tiny shapes, you can't even hear their stupid advice now, can you? If you can still hear them you aren't high enough yet. Fly higher baby!

The carousel is a classic image. Why? Because life is like this.... don't you like this? Learn to ride.

You are priceless! Pamper yourself... you rule the jungle.... own it!

Dragonfly? Firefly? Butterfly? Superfly? What kind of fly are you? Consider that before you let anyone put you in a jar.

Tender were those nights, but what about tomorrow? Don't you deserve a soft place? That place may not be where you think it is and you won't find it with your eyes on what has passed.

Peanut butter and jelly might not be glamorous but saving money tastes better than expensive food this week.

Last but not least. You know what a special sign I think you are and you know why. Don't you doll?