Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekly Fortunes February 14 - 20

Think positive thoughts. The universe is coming together to keep you safe. Look inside yourself for strength. Do the right thing. Make travel plans with someone you love. Happy Year of the Tiger!!!!!!

Don't let a third party influence how you view someone you love. You have always known that you belong together and that is still true. Maybe they took so long to come around because they didn't want to get hurt AND they wanted to be really sure first so they didn't really hurt you either. Be sweet. Be forgiving. BE YOU!!!!!!!

Don't sell yourself short. Be fair. Keep the faith. Remain vigilant. Yet never settle for someone who doesn't appreciate you or get you. You deserve someone who is crazy about you even if you are crazy sometimes. You have made much progress in the Year of the Ox and you will make great strides in the Year of the Tiger. Consider the more obscure art forms such as designs in cappuccino froth.

Have you ever felt like you might be doing something just for the sake of being mean? Instead of pointing the finger, ask yourself what really motivates this behavior. If you are insecure, work on yourself instead of wasting energy gossiping and tearing down others. You know you really do have a good heart. Don't wear shoes that hurt your feet. Combine fashion and comfort.

Get out your old Get Up Kids cd or that old Ja Rule or Lauren Hill. You'll be surprised at how well some old favorites fit with stuff going on now. Be flexible and generous. Take pictures of the clouds this week.

You can't get no satisfaction? Try counting your blessings. Try counting the stars. Try counting the kisses that have really been exceptional. If you haven't had enough of these kisses, get out there...

How many times will you go through this? Work on breaking bad habits. Find inventive ways to make extra money and donate half of that extra money. Every one should have jeans and black boots in their closet, but not too many pairs of each!!!! Simplify your wardrobe. Keep everything in line with your personal style.

Things will work out for the best in the end. Work on things with the one you love. Be brave. Be honest. Be active. If you haven't researched the Chinese Zodiac you should do that this week. You can learn a lot from basic Feng Shui principles as well. Watch a movie that seems out of the realm of your usual interest. You might discover a new interest in this way.

Stay active this week. Remember that love is UNconditional. If you put conditions on someone than you don't love them. And if someone puts conditions on you they don't love you. Over half of all people give in to temptation. Don't you strive to be above average? Happy Year of the Tiger!!!!!

Give your mom some flowers this week if you can afford it. Visit a thrift store this week. Even if you don't buy anything it could be fun. Two wrongs don't make a right. You are less crazy than you think. Practice self-control.

Love takes work. The infatuation wears off in all relationships. Just because you are no longer infatuated doesn't mean you are no longer in love. Be positive. Find an unusual place to make out. Spend more time in the sun. Avoid adultery. Avoid foods with too much sugar.

Stay focused. Take walks this week. Have you donated to help Haiti yet? Get on that. Go to a cozy diner for late night pie this week.