Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

Begin to bloom like never before. Remember that wishes made to stars can come true as long as you are willing to work for what you wish for.

Don't let this chance pass you by. Every single day brings you another chance to do the right thing. You only live this life once so you might as well try your hardest to get it right the first time. Wear green on Wednesday.

Learn to let go. Don't let it all be for nothing. Something good can come of this. Eat more veggies.

Love takes work, but also should provide a refuge from life's tribulations. Keep your head up but don't look down your nose at others just because their POV might be different from you.

Be sympathetic to the feelings of others. You have done a good job and you will be rewarded. You should eat more fish. Drinking lemon wedges and water is great for your skin.

Have you ever considered learning a martial art? You need physical activity to bring you balance. Remember when you used to spin in a circle until you fell down? Just remember that feeling throughout the week. Consider saving for a trip to Italy.

Inside all of us is a wild thing, but especially inside of you! If you haven't seen Where the Wild Things are, make plans to see it with that person you are wild about. You really need more exercise this week to stay balanced. Eat apples.

What would you do if no one was watching you? Remember that other people's standards don't matter. What do you think of what you do? If you honestly think you are doing your best, then keep at it. If you know you could try harder, do it! If you something you are doing is wrong, stop doing it! Sounds simple enough, but sometimes we need reminders.

Perhaps you should go see a therapist and really really be honest. You aren't perfect. You know there are things you could improve. You owe it to yourself to work on healing and improving. Spend more time in the fresh air.

If you could pick three people to paint portraits of who would they be? Would you pick people you admire or people you don't like to be the subject of your portraits? If you feel inspired by hate, you really need to look in the mirror and try to be more positive. Remember that the opposite of love is indifference. Remember that you should work on yourself.

Let music provide an escape for you. Red wine is much better for you than white. Drink green tea with lemon in the afternoon is better than coffee. Donate or volunteer at a local animal rescue place.