Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Monthly Horoscopes! (It's about time!)

This month consider planting seeds that you will see the fruits of this summer. Remember that you reap what you sow. If you sow seeds with bad intentions that might be hurtful to any one else you will end up hurting yourself. It is the simple law of karma. I have faith though Capricorn that you will plant the seeds with right intentions that will bloom into beautiful fruits.

Have you ever considered getting hair extensions? Have you ever considered wearing red shoes? Have you ever considered getting a Marilyn piercing? This month you should alter your style slightly toward things you have always wanted to try but have not dared to. I dare you!

Reach out to those in need but remember you have to meet your own needs first before you can help any one else. This month, your birthday month, the stars are aligned in your favor. Don't let this cosmic opportunity pass you by. Things you attempt this month have a strong chance of success.

Why do groups of friends always indulge in backstabbing? Is it human nature? Can it be helped? This month be careful not to contribute to gossip. Lead the way to the high road in your group of friends. This month, if you can't say something nice about someone really don't say a word about them.

You need to find a worthwhile way to spend your free time. Declutter your mind this month. Free your mind from imaginary competition and jealousy with others. March should be a month of renewal for you Taurus.

When you close your eyes what is the first thing you see? Make that your focus this month. If you see something that worries you, resolve to do what it takes this month to change it or move on from it. If when you close your eyes you see something that brings you joy and comfort, go toward that and give thanks for it on a daily basis.

Donate. Volunteer. Recycle. Renew. Do your Spring cleaning this month. Spring clean your body, house, relationships and mind.

Why do you think Shakespeare is so timeless? I think it is because his subjects are the vital stuff: love and death. He never wastes our time with petty stuff os with mocking others. Follow Shakespeare's lead this month. Forget the petty stuff and focus on the big issues this month. Get your love right. Get your life right. Forget the rest.

Catch up with your relatives this month. Make family the focus this month. Resolve conflicts without alienating yourself or anyone else.

Have you been keeping up with your New Year's resolutions? Refresh your resolutions this month. Remember that the people who care about you want you to be happy and do the right thing. Of course you should do the right thing for yourself but at those dark moments when you aren't enough do the right thing because you owe it to the people who raised you to be good and remember how loved and lucky you are.

Don't give in to pressure this month. Sometimes people try to get you to sell out because they sold out and sell outs love company. Be strong.

Be independent but remember that compromising with your partner doesn't mean that you are giving up independence. Oddly enough ometimes independence involves someone you love. Get in touch with your earthy side this month. Spend as much time in the fresh air as possible. Can you feel Spring coming?