Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Fortunes 3/22 - 3/27

Still dream of horses running from you? Or are they coming to you now? Don't worry as long as you keep up the efforts and don't rest on your laurels your ship will come in and it will be better than you think.

Is your lifestyle wrong? Do you justify it to yourself with this or that? If your lifestyle is nourishing and good, bravo! If not, you need to change.

Keep on editing everything: your wardrobe, your words, your living space, your friends.

Get those old family recipes and learn them before they vanish from the earth. Catch some sunshine sweetpea.

Considering all of the strong personalities pulling you this way and that, you are doing a good job standing your ground.

Don't give in to pressure to buy crap you don't need. You'll be happier with less stuff in your life.

Intuition and instinct exist to protect us. Listen to your gut.

Honesty is key. Get into it and it will get into you. Your every move is a work of art.

You don't always need to have a bunch of people around. Deep forays into the imagination happen when you are alone.

You must admit your problems before you can heal. Healing comes from within. You have the power to heal yourself.

Respect yourself. You are not dirt. Don't let anyone walk on you. If someone tries, don't stoop to their level with some idiotic notion of revenge. Just walk away. Waste no energy on them.

You are hotter than you know. Don't be afraid to display a bit of bravado.