Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Fortunes (we are the lucky ones this week)

Oh my darlin, oh my darlin, oh my darlin Capricorn... you aren't lost and confusion doesn't last forever. You are approaching a rest stop called CLARITY. Enjoy it. While you are there throw negativity in the garbage and invite gratitude to hit the open road with you. It is gratitude that will cool your shins and warm your toes this week.

You can't get them if you don't understand them and you'll never understand them as long as you trick yourself into thinking you do. Smug isn't a good look for anyone my dear not even you. Free your mind and the truth will follow.

Do you find yourself missing winter before it even leaves you? Do you find yourself wishing for Spring even when you already have it? Appreciate everything and remember "ashes to ashes" so you might as well make that leap of faith.

What is your true achilles heel? It probably isn't what others think it is. How can you turn your tragic flaw around? Make it into something positive. Indulge your imagination.

Find your inspiration this week in simple amazing things: lemonade, ponytails, chandeliers. Take to the streets. There is a story around every corner.

You know better than to try and shove your heart shaped box into a little square hole, don't you? The right fit is out there and when you find it there won't be any shoving involved.

Research ancestors you never knew but are part of you this week. If you are adopted consider learning more about your biology. If you aren't adopted I'm sure there is a grandparent or aunt or uncle or great-great someone you could learn about. All those ancestral angels are rooting for you. It is amazing how much we can miss someone we never knew. And don't forget that you can learn a lot by questioning your living family members too.

Revisit your New Year's resolutions. You are really sweet to them and they love you for it!

Remember that movie about Marla Olstead the child artist who rose in fame and then fell and then rose up again? If she can rise up above the haters at four years old you certainly can do it now!

Purge yourself of evil thoughts. Pray for your enemies. Pray for yourself. Pray for the animals in cages at the pound, days away from euthanasia, pray for the ones with that look in their eyes, the ones who know. Didn't God hold your hand back then? Don't spit on his creations. Remember to make a wish at 11:11 each night.

You can learn a lot from Frank Sinatra this week. Stand up for yourself but not to the point of stooping to their level. Do it your way and shine on!

No one would call you mousy, but sometimes you feel like a mouse in a tiger's body and sometimes you feel like a tiger in a mouse's body. Sometimes you even feel like you. Cover your body in flowers - if only in your dreams.