Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

Your deepest desires that you whisper under the light of the full moon can come true. Just be careful what you wish for!
Remember to pray for the unadopted dogs at the pound who are on death row. Donate time or money to a local animal shelter. Take time for the wildflowers.

Remember that booklist you made? Have you read any of the books yet? You underestimate someone. You might realize it too late.

Understand the power of the moon. Harness all energy into something productive. Remember those nights on her roof under the moon making the midnight dinner? It was long ago but it can still inspire you.

Underneath it all you long to do the right thing. Don't forget not to take silly egos too seriously. Laugh in the face of foolish pride. Daffodils for the table can brighten any meal.

Recharge. Don't be so sensitive. Be strong. Be there for them. Remember when you needed them? They were there for you.

Don't keep your distance. Don't play silly games. Do treat yourself like royalty. Do treat your loved ones like royalty too.

Uncover that treasure within you. Full moons make great light to unearth your hidden or suppressed desires by. Watch out sunshine, here comes a heart of gold!

You have so much good to share with the world. You are very loved. Do the little things that please you this week. Make your home a haven from work. An orchid makes any space more lovely.

You only live once so you might as well live it up. By that I mean love harder. Be kinder. Be truly compassionate. Don't waste money on overpriced status symbols that you could donate to those in need.

Don't give in to the dark side of the moon. A full moon is all about light. Find your inner light and follow it to the bright side. It is hard to go forward while looking in your rearview mirror. Head straight ahead into the future. Let the stars lead the way.

Full moons are supposedly when werewolves take wolf form. I don't know about that, but I do know that the connection to the moon is something all creatures share. Let the full moon connect you to all living things. Take a moment or too to imagine yourself a deer in the forest, a rabbit in the bramble or a kitten dumped by the side of the road. Be a witness for the plight of all the creatures of the earth.

Tis the season of rebirth! You have been through the darkest season to find the softest morning light of Spring. Spring clean your body and soul and relationships. Spring is the blank canvas of the year. Make your first strokes of the brush in the right direction.