Monday, July 5, 2010

July July July Monthly Horoscopes

photo by franchesca woodman

Don't be afraid to reach out and touch someone. Remember the last time you got burned? Well it was sorta your fault for turning the gas up too high and sprinkling oil all around and then walking away in that mysterious CAP fashion... This time things will go much better in the heart department. July is a strange month for you. So many summertime vibes kind of makes reality melt and bend around the edges for you. Just leave some crumbs behind you if you wander into the forest of the mind so you can make your way back to reality in time to be productive, functional and utterly honest.

This month you need some things: 1. new undergarments 2. a biography of someone you admire 3. strawberries 4. someone special to appreciate how you taste like strawberries

Things are really revved up and rockin for you this July. I suggest getting out the ol Nirvanna cd and listening to the poetry of fellow fishy fish Kurt Cobain. Remember how he famously said he'd rather be hated for who he was than loved for who he wasn't? Apply that wisdom to the stuff you are workin on now. Keep it real. Your beauty comes from your raw edges and askew methods.

Under your belt you hide your weapons and it is time to lay those weapons down. It is time to pick up those shiny ribbons and daisy chains and share. Spend some time on the Beaches of Agnes Vardas if you can. July is that summer dream. Don't let the weeks pass without fully feeling as many moments as you can hold in your throat. Don't forget to let your heart roar.

You can afford to break some rules this month. You deserve to break free. Don't break your own heart though.

I would hold you and kiss you if I could but I don't know you and we are strangers but there is someone you do know who is not a stranger but is a little strange like you who can bring you some comfort this month. Don't hide from them. I miss those nights on the roof too. You are not alone.

Sometimes the world is stranger than fiction. Most people we meet will let us down. But that doesn't mean we should cut off all ties with all people. It just means we should guard the sacred things until we find someone whose actions prove worthy. Nothing but actions when it comes to trust. Love can be easily spoken but rarely lived. July is a time to write a letter to the past and watch it burn into ash.

You are one of the most sincere people but also one of the most afraid to displease sometimes. You deserve to have someone hold the boat steady for you sometimes while you rock.

It is important during this heat to stay sensual but at the same time you don't want to give too much away. You can only feign toughness for so long. Consider paring down. Remove the unessential. Dare to remove the cage and to release the petite caravelle. Set sail.

This July you will make that leap. It might feel like a leap away from yourself but it is actually a leap closer to the real you. Don't play pointless games. You glamorized head games for too long. The real glamour is in owning up and honesty. Surprise them with the fireworks inside. Don't do anything that will put ghosts in your eyes.

So you spilled the carnations on the dirty linoleum floor... it isn't too late. Don't be too proud to bend down and collect them. They are just as pretty and smell sweet. Where they have fallen doesn't matter. Where you are sending them is what matters. Sing to them.

Plants need love like people tothrive and like plants people need water and sunshine and sometimes to be still and grow in the right direction. There is something sexy about ivy isn't there? How it can cover a building in green? And it does it quietly without boasting or tweeting or anything. It just does its thing. Do your thing sweetpea.