Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

photo by franchesca woodman.

"The child is gone." The flowers on the orchid have withered and fallen, some fell off the stem even before they had the chance to bloom. Soon the whole plant might die? I don't think so. Get out your watering pail and water it. Remember that too much water causes root rot and too little water causes drought. The key? BALANCE. And for you too: enough water, enough sun, enough wind and rain?

That icky feeling that lingers like gum on the bottom of your shoe only more sticky. You'll have to confront it if you want it gone.

Don't cover for them anymore. Covering for them buries you. No more cover ups.

What is this mess? Wipe your face off and keep your head up. Quicksand ain't got nothin on you, you beautiful creature.

You can't plan everything. The energy has stumbled between you. You need space.

Foxy foxy gemini the last one standing in musical chairs. Have fun with your freedom. Get a permanent marker and write a poem on the thigh of a naked person. If you don't have access to a naked person then imagine writing a poem on the thigh of someone you'd like to get naked.

Enough already! You can feel a change comin round the bend and it isn't the kind that comes round the bend to take your money and sully your innocence. Not this time, nope. It is the kind that will polish your spirit and help you get ahead.

Communicate your needs. Break patterns that no longer suit you. Don't forget to play.

If you want to shave your pubic hair do it for you and not because some asshole wants you to fall in line and look like everyone else. And that goes for any other alterations you might be considering.

If you offer someone $500 and they take it you can't blame them for it. Don't play yourself as a martyr. Look in the mirror. You have the potential to look divine.

Someone might be a lost puppy, a faithful bitch or a wolf at your door. Keep a safe distance until you figure it out.

Treasure the gypsy debris she left behind. Like the pink manic panic under your fingernails or that sweet scent on your face. You might just meet again. Get out the pinata and the tiny sombrero. Take a swing under the crystal stars. What falls out is all yours.