Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

photo by Cirenaica Moreira

Everything you do this week do with honor. Treat all creatures even the ugly, scary or annoying with compassion.

Jealousy destroys faster than rat poison. Don't compare your life to others. Rave on.

Don't worry about adding an extra flair or flourish to anything. Keep it simple.

Pamper yourself in little ways all through the week. On Thursday or Friday give back to the universe by doing something big for someone else.

You have a kind and wise heart. Continue to look past small flaws in loved ones.

Don't waste too much time on petty concerns. Drink plenty of water so you can bloom. Remember that sometimes sleep is the answer.

The road less travelled has always been your road of choice. Don't change that just to please others. On the other hand remember that the road less travelled doesn't have to be the most dangerous.

Take control of messy situations. March into the future.... Arm yourself with a smile.

Break bread only with those who don't objectify you or try to tell you who you are.

Kindness and wisdom prevail. Have the confidence to let go.

Live in the now - easier said than done. This week you come close to being fully in the present and you have moments of nirvana.

Don't be disappointed just because someone does not match your expectations. Give them a chance and what they offer you might exceed your expectations.