Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

You keep your cards close to your chest and that is usually a good thing but there are times when you need to be easier to read.

Some people need a kick in the pants BUT it isn't your place to give it to them. Let karma do its own thing.

Do your thing and forget the rest.

Don't waste time trying to impress people, you'll end up losing yourself if you try too hard forever.

Does being around the women you know make you feel like you are on The Real Housewives of your city?
Avoid frenemies.

Get yourself together this week. Sometimes you feel like you are crumbling into an abyss and having your house clean and your body clean can help to calm your anxiety.

When you look up at the clouds in the sky what shapes do you see? Do you see nice things or threatening things?

Your new schedule will suit you very well. Try to watch the sunrise at least one morning this week.

Are you weighted down by the stuff you own? Do you have much more than you use or need? Stop buying stuff for awhile and for everything you buy get rid of 3 things.

You can learn a lot from being more open to new ideas than you usually are. Don't take anything for granted.

Your new life is just around the corner. You have tio turn it sometime.

You might feel and fear that you are losing someone. They will always be in your heart but sometimes the world turns and people grow apart.