Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

Photo by Tim Walker.

Some peeps need more butter on what they get from heaven. Cover their ears with cream.

Ask yourself what would Christo and Jeanne Claude do? Do that to the caverns in the relationship. Do it with gusto.

You are a strange bird for a fish. No wonder you fascinate people. Find your inner ooooo la la.

Flush the toilet on the negativity that is stinking up the joint. You look like a goddess in the dawn. Get up extra early this week.

Rock the boom boom out of the slack jawed observers. Do it like Mariah.

Sometimes you feel that vertigo like you might jump or fall uncontrollably. You have more control than you think my dear.

Gentle waves of memory roll in. Don't spend too long splashing around there. You have important biz to attend to.

The time is now and that is all we've got.

Road trip!? Even a short one will do. Roll out the red carpet for a relative who has been blue.

You've come so far and it is only the start of a better way. Namaste.

Push yourself to odd angles and soaring aspirations. Talk to you know who about what you fear and then release it forever.

What is you dream? Focus on the details and accomplish each part one by one. Let yourself forget the void for a time.