Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

Photo by the great Eggleston.
(unless otherwise stated photos are by me)

Have you ever read THE LADY WHO LIKED CLEAN RESTROOMS? This might be the week to read a little each night. In all other matters put one foot in front of the other and keep on keepin on.

How much have you spent on items that remind you of Paris? Instead of buying books and items for the house that bring your mind to Paris (or any other place you long to see) try saving the money in a jar. Eventually instead of having things that remind you of Paris you will have enough money for a plane ticket. If you don't have an up to date passport now is the time to get one.

Go there. Don't pass go no matter what is promised. Take the fastest and most direct route there.

What is the latest with those voices in your head? Have they been naughty? Loud? Quiet? Try to censor out the unproductive.

Sometimes we can learn a lot from old songs. Seek out music from the early 1960s for your soundtrack this week. The Big Bopper perhaps? Or the Supremes?

What is something you can only do in the summer? Do it. Perhaps a 2 am run around the block in short shorts? A giant sun hat and sandals?

You don't have to prove your love. If they want proof give them the boot.

When was the last time you told someone to go screw themselves? Has it been a long time? Good that means you are growing up.

Sometimes you go out on a limb and find yourself in a dangerous position emotionally. Does that mean you should stop climbing trees?

You may have gotten them wrong. You may have missed the point. Try again.

Is it time to watch Naked Lunch again? Give yourself reminders that reality is so much more than facebook or twitter or even this.

Hollywood in the 1940s. Invoke it. Have secrets. Have glamour. Wear lipstick or a fedora. If only for a week......