Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Fortunes

Photo by Atget

If they don't get you they don't get you. Don't waste breathe!

What services do you pay for that you could do yourself? Maybe you should call one of the ones that got away - just once!

Are you happy NOW? Let the rest in peace. Fish get out of trouble because you are lucky.

Quick - your house is on fire !!! What would you save from the flames? Maybe consider donating or selling the rest.

Is there hope for groups of women to exist without backstabbing? The Real Housewives of wherever seem unable to exist without fighting and talking smack. Yet, the women on Sex & the City get along smashingly and have deep love for each other. One show is "real" and the other is "fiction." Try to be more like the fictional ladies in your friendships.

Animal liberation prayers. Cupcakes. A new do.

Just say no. Edit. Refuse. Let them eat silence.

Channel your inner lion. You are regal and this week you can get what you want without sweating.

What do you take for granted? The tree outside your window? Someone you see everyday? A relative you have been meaning to call?

Passion and fantasy left you with nothing. Love comes to you with everything. Love spoken is just words. Love demonstrated every day is a true treasure.

Cleanse yourself in every way: mud masks, clean your junk drawer, your inbox, your kidneys, your heart.

With the summer solstice you can white canvas yourself and make the first stroke toward the new view.